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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  December 21, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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thway. >> not fake. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. and as we roll into the second hour, watch this. >> a couple stories, first, this fiery stand off over your money. also, american troops charged in another soldier's suicide and your safety in the skies. a hot topic on capitol hill today. time to play reporter roulette. kate bolduan, the latest effort to keep the payroll tax cut from expiring in ten days. last we heard, the president reached out to the house speaker john boehner and harry reid. is that the latest that you have? >> reporter: that is the latest. we hear that the president reached out in separate calls to house speaker harry reid. from the capitol hill perspective, john boehner this their phone call, speaker
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boehner urged the president to call on harry reid to appoint negotiators to this conference that we now are talking with so much about to try to hash out the differences between the house and senate. as you well know, senate majority reid has no intention of negotiating and as he read in a letter to speaker boehner, along with speaker boehner and all congressional leaders and the white house, they want that deal and senator reid says not until they have the assurance that the tax cut will not lapse come january 1. so they are pushing -- he is again pushing as well as the white house, to put -- to push through the two two-month extension. but bottom line, where do things stand? talks are not happening.
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there isn't any real progress because there aren't real talks happening. both sides are very dug in. they all seem to want the end goal but absolutely talking with each other at this point. >> let us know if that phone call manifests into a meeting. thank you. appreciate it. let's go to the white house and president obama's push to pass the payroll tax extension. jessica yellin, senior white house correspondent there for us. and the real message was to speaker boehner to pass the two-month extension and the message in the white house is that there isn't time to get that one-year deal done and to pass a one-year deal ultimately
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and so in the interim, to get past the hump, they need to get this two-month extension done and there's no time for anything short of that. beyond that, the white house maintains that what the speaker is doing right now is catering to the internal politics of his republican caucus on capitol hill instead of attending to the bigger issue. they are persuaded that there is a vote to pass the two-month extension because democrats in the house, plus about 30 republicans, they are convinced here at the white house, would vote to pass this but the speaker, in their opinion, is simply letting the more conservative group within his caucus dictate what he's doing. so the president is trying to keep up pressure on the speaker and siding with harry reid saying that the senate is not going to come back to negotiate
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further. >> so are they keeping the pressure on? at some point he's supposed to be headed to vacation in hawaii. apparently he took a trip shopping to pass the time. is that right? >> reporter: yeah, he's home alone with sasha, malia, and michelle in hee yee. if the family is watching, don't look. i think they will know what he's getting them. i'm going to check my notes. he got a "let's dance" for the wii and he said we're not going to get a video of him playing it because he gets an f when he does it. and do you remember the video during the 2008 campaign and went on the ellen show and danced, we all remember that. i guess he doesn't want to reenact men in black. to he bought some chew toys for bo. he bought pizza for the staff here, which was nice for him
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although i bet it got cold in transit. $50 apple gift cards, for itunes or whatever, and the simms 3 pets, you can have an interactive family online. you add in pets with this. >> so that's for the girls? >> yes. go spend money at christmas, go out and have some fun, and he needed to get out of the house, jay carney said. >> i guess so. i guess so. jessica yellin, thank you for those very important nitty gritty shopping presidential detail. we appreciate it. jessica yellin, our seen your white house correspondent. now to this. and brian todd is in washington.
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>> new rules on pilot fatigue. in buffalo, a crash that killed people, a pilot mishandled the control column of the plane and found that fatigue was a factor. one of the pilots had commuted from tampa too newark and the other from seattle. the new rules unveiled today is a way to head off the pilot fatigue. pilots will have a minimum ten-hour rest period between shift, two hours less than they have now. that means another new factor in all of this. the opportunity for eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. that means it limits a pilot's time in the day. and for the first time the government is defining and limiting the so-called flight duty period during the day from when a pilot arrives for work to when their last flight is completed. the new rules do not apply to cargo plane pilots because officials say it would cost that industry too much. that was also a complaint from the passenger airlines at first.
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they had worried about staff and now they say they will take another look at this. pretty drastic new rules for pilots that have got to get more rest than they are getting between flight shifts today. >> a lot of new rules and guidelines. ultimately, when do they go into effect? do you know? >> for not another two years because it takes the airline industry too long to figure out how to change its scheduling practices. it's going to take pilot training and react cak cli mags and all of that has to play out over two years. it's going to be at least 2013 before these rules take effect. >> brian todd, thank you. let's go to chris lawrence talking about the arrests of eight soldiers charged in the death of one of their own, an
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army private named danny chen. it sounds like a case of bullying but it happened on a military unit instead of school, right? >> that's correct. a teenage american signed up to serve his country and it looks like he was pulleyed to the point where he shot and killed himself. the military believes that he killed himself in a guard tower in a very remote base stand back in october but now the eight fellow soldiers, all higher ranking than private chen have been charged with everything from dereliction of duty. they don't believe they had anything to do with the actual death but it's their conduct leading up to it. basically, that they harassed him verbally, physically, that he was abused and harassed to the point where he literally just broke. brooke? >> chris, where are the men who
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have been arrested now? >> they have been moved to another base in afghanistan, brooke. for their own protection as well. there may be some concern that other soldiers would try to take retribution for what happened to private chen. you think about base. you say the word base and people think it's a big prauling complex but these remote outpufts in afghanistan, lieutenant may be the highest ranking on that base. they are very small and very isolated. >> chris lawrence, thank you. still ahead, a college student disappears after this bizarre encounter with a strange man. police are reportedly asking neighbors to check their yards. plus, a heartbreaking moment. >> it means the ultimate sacrifice for your country. you know, you were wounded. you can't get much closer to the end than that. >> a pawnshop owner says a
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soldier walked in and sold his purple heart. wait until you hear what the owner says as i speak with him live. awarded $150 billion verdict? we'll tell you why and why they don't care if they ever see a penny of that. also, new polls suggest republican presidential candidates may have a big battle in the race for the white house. be right back. you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪ for a hot dog cart. my mother said, "well, maybe we ought to buy this hot dog cart and set it up someplace."
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so my parents went to bank of america. they met with the branch manager and they said, "look, we've got this little hot dog cart, and it's on a really good corner. let's see if we can buy the property." and the branch manager said, "all right, i will take a chance with the two of you." and we've been loyal to bank of america for the last 71 years.
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if it's interesting, it's happening right now. rapid fire, let's go. the government revealing new rules to protect the environment. it would reduce the amount of
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mercury in the air which usually ends up in our water. this means less contaminated fish which experts link to learning disabilities in our kids. bernie fine accusing him pleads guilty to child sex abuse charges in an unrelated case, 23-year-old zack thamacelli says he faces up to three years and three months in prison. before we tell you this next story, a heads up, this image we're about to show you is tough to look at. perhaps for some parents. a father is in court today. police say he bound and gagged his 22-month-old daughter with tape and put the picture on facebook. here you go. this is the image. this is no longer on the social media site. you can see her christs and ankles and even her mouth was bound with painter's tape.
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the father made his first court appearance this morning in chicago. too many times you can see the horrors of war on the face of a child and i want to warn you this next piece of video is graphic. case in point. this is a 4-year-old girl, burned in a u.s. drone attack in pakistan two years ago. she is now receiving free reconstructive surgery in galveston, texas, but scars cannot hide this little one's child. her caretakers named her shakira which means thankful. >> children adapt to adversity a lot better than adults. >> shakira was found burned in a trash bin. her recovery will take at least one year. and the international space station is about to get three new visitors from earth. watch. >> the international space station.
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>> how about that? a russian rocket made a spectacular and successful launch into space just this morning. the crew with one american astronaut is expected to reach the space station by friday. and police in kansas is reportedly asking people in kansas to search their yards for this missing college student. aisha khan hasn't been heard from since she left a frantic voice mail for her sister. family members posted these pictures on facebook. they are offering up a $10,000 reward for information that leads to her return. her sister appeared on hln's "issues" with jane velez-mitchell. she talked about this confrontation with a creepy man who smelled of drugs. >> yeah, that was during the message, you know, when a creepy guy came up to her and harassed her. she described him.
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she said that he smelled really bad. that he smelled like marijuana. and she slapped him and after that she hung up. she said, please come and pick up your phones. i need to talk to you. and, yeah, just pick up your phone. that's what she said. and then she hung up. >> that investigation is ongoing. coming up next, new polls suggest republican candidates, any of them, may have an up hill battle when it comes to the race for the white house. paul steinhauser will tell me why. plus, you know those diaper changing tables in bathrooms, you better think twice before using them or even getting near them. we'll tell you why, next. y, youg a necklace! see what i mean? i'll surprise you. please. [ male announcer ] the only place to go for last-minute christmas gifts. walmart.
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all right moms and dads, you may want to think twice about using those baby changing tables. an informal study released found that 92% of more than 100 baby changing tables had traces of cocaine on the baby changing tables. if you need to change a baby's diaper in public, use a changing pad. now to politics. president obama's rating is up which may be a good sign for his re-election campaign. let's go to paul steinhauser with our america's choice 2012 update. president obama, he must be happy. >> i think he must be happy. those guys in chicago must be
12:20 pm
happy, too. his approval rating is up. up five points from november. check this out. who do you have more confidence, either the republicans in congress to really -- let's do this number first. brooke, if you put something on the screen, i will talk about it. >> go with it. >> right now voters say 52%, 45, the president would come out on top. one month ago, romney had a one-point margin. that's about confidence, who america has more confidence in so what's behind all of this rise in congress and over the battle of extending the payroll tax cut, it's boosting the president's numbers and hurting the republicans, brooke.
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>> we heard from jay carney in the white house daily briefing that the president has reached out to harry reid and john boehner on this whole back and forth impasse that we've been talking about on television. in the meantime, we've heard from jessica yellin that in the meantime he's been out shopping. let's rehash that list, if we may. paul steinhauser, what's he buying? >> this is classic. he goes to best buy and not only any best buy but this is the same shopping mall -- remember when the first lady went to that target? same shopping center. we were just talking about the president's poll numbers where they were doing pretty well and he's giving himself some pretty good numbers, i guess. he doesn't feel the same way when it comes to shopping. take a listen. >> in case you guys were wondering, just dance for the
12:22 pm
wii, the girls beat me every time on these various dance games. so i'm going to every time. merry christmas to you. >> i guess if it came to dancing, that was the most important thing. the president -- >> he would be a no go. >> the economy is more poor to america's minds. he's okay for now at least. >> you know who else we can't get dancing on tv, wolf blitzer. both of them have been on ellen but i guess they don't dance when we'd like them to have a little bit of time. >> keep working it with wolf. you're going to get him to dance. >> i try. paul steinhauser, thank you. now this. >> it was much more a rich man's game. not that i was rich. but i mean, it was designed for
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banks, for insurance companies, or rail roads, public utilities. that man there is 106 years young. he still goes to work on wall street monday through friday. we ask him what he thinks wall street has become today. poppy harlow with that right after this quick break. [ male announcer ] if you're giving an amazing gift, shouldn't it be given in an amazing way? ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is here, but only for a limited time. see your lexus dealer.
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he is 106 years young and he's been working on wall street for 80 years. he still goes to work each and every day and sat down with poply harlow to reflect on wall street, the both past and present. >> reporter: wall street, 80 years ago. >> when were you born? >> december 19, 1905. >> reporter: he rang the opening bell on wall street on his 1 hn 100th birthday. that was six years ago. >> how has wall street changed your life? >> it was designed for banks,
12:27 pm
insurance companies, rail roads, public utilities. it's no longer a rich man's business. it's a business for everybody. >> do you still watch the stock market closely every day? >> well, i don't watch it because i'm not a trader. >> reporter: you're a value investor? >> right. and i stick to the 20 odd stops. >> reporter: who is your idol? >> ben graham. >> reporter: that is warren buffett's, too. >> he works every day. >> reporter: what do you think is to thank for your father's longevity? >> i would think that he has an office to go to and a job and responsibilities is extremely posh. >> do you think that you will live as long as your father and
12:28 pm
do you want to? you didn't always have bloomberg terminals, right? >> no. i was very lucky being born in 1905. radio, television. >> reporter: do you have a cell phone now? >> yes, i do. i don't use it much other than to remind myself what my number is. >> i see. but he doesn't think technology necessarily makes it easier when he looks at the gadget that his grandson uses. >> he also has to know how to work the i book. you have to interrupt me or otherwise i talk too much. >> poppy harlow, i don't know how you found him. i love that he has his cell phone number taped to his cell
12:29 pm
phone. did he have any wise words -- financial words of wisdom for you? >> yeah, he did. he says he's a value investor. he doesn't trade when the market goes up and down, up and down. he holds about 20 stocks and doesn't like stocks that go up ofr down. he likes stocks that pay a good dividend. just go at it for the long haul, brooke. >> poppy, let me ask you about this piece of news here, just in, barveg of america has to pay $335 million to settle claims. can you talk about that? >> sure. this was just announced by attorney general eric holder. announcing a record settlement. $335 million between the doj and countrywide financial. they were purchased by barveg of
12:30 pm
bank of america in 2008 and this is the largest fair practice lending settlement in the history of this country, according to eric holder. attorney general eric holder said they found that a federal probe found discrimination against some 200,000 qualified african-american and hispanic borrowers between 2004 and 2008. i have a statement that came to us in the last few minutes from bank of america. it says, we reach this settlement to resolve issues about countrywide historic practices that occurred before bank of america acquired the company. the whole story is at a settlement between the doj and bank of america. brooke? >> poppy harlow, thank you so much. a shocking hate crime. why you may be surprised to hear who is accused of attacking these amish people.
12:31 pm
plus, a boy is molested, set on fire, and then dies years later. but he reveals the name of his abuser on his death bed. find out why his family was just awarded $150 billion but likely will not see a penny of that. casey jordan is standing by on the case with us tie day. that's next. i wouldn't do that. get married? no, i wouldn't use that single miles credit card. nice ring. knock it off. ignore him. with the capital one venture card you earn... double miles on every purchase. [ sharon ] 3d is so real larry. i'm right here larry. if you're not earning double miles...
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on the case today, a texas
12:34 pm
jury awards a grieving family $150 billion. to tell the story, i have to give you the heads up because the images that you will see are graphic. the award goes to robby middleton. he was doused with gasoline and set on fire as an 8-year-old and then died 12 years later. he died in 2010. criminologist casey jordan is on the case. i know that the family's lawyer -- he's gotten the largest award ever to be given out but at the same time, he doesn't expect to see a dime of the money. why is that? >> well, it's a largely symbolic gesture and the jury knows this. again, the defendant, mr. collins, he's already in prison on an unrelated sexual assault charge. the idea of collecting that $150 billion, with a b, is extremely remote. however, one of the many
12:35 pm
functions of civil law is to send a message to express public outrage. in this case, the plaintiffs argued, really showed that level of outrage. this child was 8, he was sexually assaulted by mr. collins. he suffered for 12 years with burns over 98% of his body. he suffered from a rare case of skin cancer because of the burns. the jury wanted to make a statement. the lawyer asked them to issue the largest verdict of 1$1 billion. >> my question s. how can collins be found liable in civil
12:36 pm
court but not be prosecuted in criminal? >> people are very often confused and usually a criminal case conviction will come before a civil case conviction because that verdict of guilty will often add to the preponderance of evidence in the civil case. but there isn't a rule that says one has to come before the other even though logically that's how it happens. in this the case, the family of robby middleton, has intentionally done this to put pressure on the d.a. the statutes of limitations has run. mr. collins, the accused here, could never be tried for the sexual assault nor the burning at this point because it's past seven years. however, because robby middleton died directly from the burns from that incident, the d.a. should reopen that case and pursue mr. collins for the murder of their child and they think if this jury is the test market, maybe a criminal case
12:37 pm
jury would do the exact same thing. >> she's hoping that this case will lead to civil charges. here's what she said. >> i want to make sure that i can move ahead with a clear conscience knowing that i did everything i possibly could to stop these people from injuring another child like they did robert. >> so don collins, he's serving time for the sexual assault of another 8 yeerl-year-old child. what are the chances that he will face criminal charges here? >> well, it's important to realize that the publicity will put pressure on the d.a. to look at the possibility of bringing m murder charges against don collins. it's much different than a civil case which has to be guilty beyond one reasonable doubt. the death bed confession or
12:38 pm
naming of his attacker is extremely important evidence but, remember, mr. collins' attorneys would never be able to cross examine that witness since he's unavailable. there's all sorts of issues that they need to look at, as to whether they can actually get a guilty verdict. even if they do, i'm sure the idea that at least one jury that found him responsible for robby middleton's death means a lot to this family and the amount of verdict really does send a message. >> i want to move on to a case of break away amish for hate crimes. why are these attacks, casey, considered a hate crime? >> well, because the james -- sorry. matthew shepherd/james byrd act makes crimes against the bias focus of any sort of crime focused on somebody because of their age, race, gender, and including their religious creed,
12:39 pm
and in this particular case, in is fascinating. the amish community usually takes care of law and issues themselves. local police in ohio are like, if i have no victim that wants to press charges, what can i do about it? it gives them a great deal of power to go in there and investigate and allegedly assaulting these men and women, shaving their beards, cutting off their hair because of religious disputes between them, they are different sorts of amish and at the local level they really haven't. it sends a huge message that we're not going to put up with this kind of activity. >> crazy jordan, thank you. a pawnshop owner says a soldier walks into his store,
12:40 pm
needs cash for christmas, sells his purple heart. i'm go to speak live with the owner of this pawnshop about the conversation he had with the soldier and the other surprising items lately have been trying to sell them. don't miss that interview. @@
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12:42 pm
a soldier who sacrificed his
12:43 pm
life in afghanistan pawned his purple heart in michigan. on the phone is the owner of this pawnshop. brian, i get a ring, i get a guitar to make ends meet, but a purple heart? can you just take me back to when this man walks into the store and offers this up to you? >> well, it was roughly he about a week ago or a week prior to that, just after thanksgiving, probably fell short of cash until payday. he asked me if i wanted to by a purple heart. i said, if you want to bring it in, i will take a look at it. i asked if he wants to get it back. he said, i have two of them. it's okay. i said, if you want to come back, it will be here for you. it's never been for sale. the sentiment from a lot of people is that i put it up for sale. i put it on display in the case. >> so you're not selling it? >> no. >> it's on display.
12:44 pm
why aren't you selling it? what are you waiting for? >> i'm not waiting for anything. in fact, it was just on display. it was never up for sale at all. >> because what are you ultimately hoping? first of all, let me just go back. was he hesitant at all? did you say, why are you giving me this amazing purple heart? hold on to it? was that part of conversation? >> no. that had nothing to do with it whatsoever. i said, are you sure you want to sell it? he said, yeah, no problem. i said, if you ever want it, you can always get it back. there was no statement that he was reluctant to do it by any means because he had another one. i said, don't you want it did i placed on your uniform? you're only allowed to display one purple heart on your statement. >> may i ask what you gave for the purple heart? >> i don't give out that
12:45 pm
information. they offered to pay for it, they have done this, they have done that. which is fantastic. i appreciate their sentiment on trying to pay for it and that doesn't have anything to do with it. i basically helped him and that's what it came down to. >> so you feel like you handed him some money, thus helping him, that's why he came into your store to begin with. you're hanging on to the purple heart just for him. >> if he comes back, fantastic, he gets his purple heart back. if he doesn't, it will be waiting here for him if he ever decides to come back. it's okay. >> as we wait, and certainly a lot of people are interested in the store and want to make sure this man gets his purple heart back, i understand that given these times recently, you have had other people come in your store trying to pawn other precious items, such as -- >> just depends. we've had people with leaving their kids behind because they are financially stressed. one lady hit her child in the face right in front of me. i had to step in. i was like, ma'am, if you're
12:46 pm
financially stressed, just leave your son for now. i'll take him home with me. >> hang on a second. people have wanted to leave their children with you? >> i've had incidents where they've left their children behind, yeah. >> okay. what else? >> it's just the type of business i run. i do the service for the community. i'm able to be self-employed. i'm able to help people which -- i feel good about being able to help people. there are a lot of items that i don't bias a resale imt. i help people get money for gas, pay their landlord, get food on the table. it's just part of the business. i just try to help people as best that i can. >> i think we lost him. >> i'm still here. >> okay. i'm going to let you go. please keep us posted if in fact this soldier comes back and would like -- >> i'm sure he will be back to get his purple heart. i'm not concerned about that.
12:47 pm
i wish everybody a merry christmas and god bless all of you and you appreciate the concern from everybody. >> brian, thank you. >> thank you. have a great christmas. >> thank you. bye. >> many still stranded after the monster blizzard but the storm is on the move. find out who will be impacted by that. plus, this -- >> the jury finds the defendant not guilty. >> the verdict only further enraged a public convinced he was a cold-blooded killer. >> skr >> from casey anthony's stunning verdict and amanda knox's release. you'll see how the events unfolded live on cnn. we'll be right back. make that alabama... make that mississippi. the best part of the gulf is wherever you choose... and now is a great time to discover it. this year millions of people did. we set all kinds of records. next year we're out to do even better. so come on down to louisiana... florida... alabama... mississippi. we can't wait to see you.
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as the year here has come to a close, cnn is looking back at cameras and reporters, both inside and outside many a courtroom outside the country and around the world. randi kaye takes a look at the legal dramas that defined 2011. >> 2011 was the year of legal drama and none grabbed the country's attention more than the casey anthony trial. anthony, 25, was accused of suffocating her 2-year-old daughter. dumping her body and embarking on a month long party spree. spectators fought for seats. millions more watched it all play out on television. >> we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> the verdict further enraged
12:51 pm
the public, convinced she was a cold-blooded killer. >> she got away with this. >> the devil is dancing tonight. >> o.j. number two. >> that's what you're hearing. >> conrad murray cause d the th death of michael jackson. >> in los angeles, all eyes were on conrad murray. the cardiologist on trial for killing the king of pop. his defense team argued michael jackson injected himself with a deadly dose of propofol. the jury didn't agree. murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and surgeonsed to four years in jail. in what's wombecoming another hollywood tragedy, actress lindsay lohan continued to battle addictions. after violating probation following a conviction for stealing a necklace, she was ordered to work at the l.a. county morgue. sex, violence and corruption may sound like the makings of a
12:52 pm
hollywood movie, but it was the core of amanda knox's murder trial in perugia, italy. she was convicted of killing her roommate, but after four years in an italian prison and still so many unanswered questions, the 24-year-old walked free. >> thank you to everyone. who's believed in me. who's defended me. >> news of the world's drama played out before parliament. one of the best-selling newspapers in britain was forced to shut down after allegations reportering illegally tapped phone messages including a 13-year-old murder victim, politicians, the royal family and celebrities. >> when story is been obtained by hacking the phone of a murdered schoolgirl of the family of a soldier killed in afghanistan, i don't find that
12:53 pm
lovable and naughty. i find that cowardly and bullying. and shocking. >> rupert murdoch and his son, james, were grilled by parliament, then forced to pay millions in compensation. >> back in the u.s., we saw french leader's future crumble in a new york courthouse. dominique strauss-kahn once hailed as the future president of france, resigned as head of the international monetary fund after being accused of raping a hotel housekeeper. the charge was later dropped. the former leader of a 10,000-member fundamentalist mormon sect wasn't so lucky. he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 12 and 15-year-old girl. in arizona, jared lee loughner gunned down congresswoman gabbie giffords in a parking lot.
12:54 pm
she was shot in the head, but managed to survive. loughner was declared incompetent to stand trial in 2011, but may face the death penalty in the future. troy davis lost his fight on death row though he maintained his innocence until the end. >> this night, a state of georgia legally lynched a good, brave and innocent man. >> davis was put to death for the 1989 murder of an off duty savannah police officer. even world figures like pope benedict and president jimmy carter had urged the execution be halted. also staring down death row, joshua cokomisarjevsky was con t convicted of a tef murder of jennifer hawk pe-petit and her o daughters. she was strangled by
12:55 pm
komisarjevsky and his accompl e accomplice. michaela was sexually molested, then left to die in a fire with her sister set by the man. jay see dugard was able to escape her captors. she gave birth to two children during her 18 years in captivity. the father of those children, one of her abductors, phillip garrido. phillip and his wife, nancy, were convicted this year and 2011 was the year that saw brian david mitchell sentenced to life in federal prison for the 2002 kidnapping of elizabeth smart in utah. he took smart from her bed in the middle of the night and raped her repeatedly. legal dramas and historic court cases that defined 2011, but that will be remembered long after the calendar turns. randi kaye, cnn, atlanta.
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
a boom for skiers in the rockies, but it may just be trouble getting to the airports. this is tonight and tomorrow. what we have in wyoming and colora colorado, we're going to see this snow, but as we head further south. denver, colorado gets about four to six inches, finishes tomorrow afternoon. then this blizzard with 24 inches of snow, more for new mexico, albuquerque right in the bull's eye of that. right now, about two and a half hour delays at newark and philadelphia because of rain and low ceilings. this is this afternoon. here comes the rain. we're going to have a bit of a. if you're flying tomorrow out of boston, new york, washington, you'll be fine. but here comes the swamp of moisture. chicago, sinsy, down toward raleigh. by friday morning in northern new england and northern new york, you could pick up in terms of accumulations, not much


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